the world standard in crash simulation systems
....cost-effective, flexible solutions for all your dynamic shock testing needs
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HYGETM sets the World Standard in Crash Simulation Systems

Cost-effective, flexible solutions
for all your dynamic shock testing needs

HYGETM , the recognized leader in the field of dynamic shock testing technology, has been engineering, manufacturing, and installing HYGETM Crash Simulation Systems for customers around the world for more than 40 years.

HYGETM uses proven technology to provide extremely repeatable and reproducible acceleration pulses, enabling accurate simulation and modeling of crash conditions. HYGETM offers a number of distinct advantages to optimize crash test programs and provide a competitive edge for in-house and independent testing facilities.

Flexibility - HYGETM is the one system to meet virtually all crash test requirements. Its design provides a wide test window, enabling a broad range of tests to be performed on components and entire vehicles. The HYGETM provides the payload necessary for intrusion and side impact testing, as well as an integrated airbag testing system.

Repeatability - Better than 2%, even after 40 years and 30,000 firings.

Reproducibility - Pulses can be very accurately reproduced on different HYGETM systems, enabling sharing of test programs and results between component suppliers and OEM's.

Proven Performance - Capable of matching actual crash pulses with high accuracy. Has universal acceptance - HYGETM systems are used by virtually all of the world'sautomobile manufacturers and they meet government auto safety testing standards.

Simplicity - Mechanical design features just two moving parts for reliability and easy maintenance.

Cost-effectiveness - HYGETM's simple design and minimal preventative maintenance requirements keep operating costs low. In addition, its flexibility and versatility can enhance revenues for independent testing facilities.