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Modular Metering Pin


As the result of many years of use in the test simulation market Hyge Inc. now offers a solution to simplify and shorten time required to develop pulses to desired specifications. This solution is the Modular Metering Pin accessory. It has evolved as a result of vast amounts of information collected over many years from a variety of tests.


The modular design consists of

  • Main shaft - one end is machined to screw into the standard HYGE thrust column. The middle is precision machined to hold spacers and threaded end to secure assembly
  • Starts ( first segments) with varying parameters for leading edge pulse requirements
  • Segments of varying diameters
  • Fastening nut/washer.

This allows the operator to make adjustments to the pulse by simply replacing segments with larger or smaller diameters as desired for pulse shaping.

The Modular design allows modifications to be done quickly and with little effort. This provides rapid pulse tuning for development of new or one time pulse requirements. Recording of the order and diameters allows the pin to be “remade” at any later date for additional testing or can be used as template to machine a solid pin.


Pin being assembled


Actual data produced on a 12" HYGE with a modular metering pin


Modular Metering Pin Kit

The Modular Metering Pin Accessory combined with the Hyge Metering Pin development program allows for rapid pulse development and pulse tuning.

The standard kit includes 1 main shaft, 5 starts and a selection of segments sufficient for most applications.

Additional segments/shafts can be purchased for large or extremely complex requirements.

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