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HYGETM Service and Support

HYGE Inc. has trained personnel with over 50 years of hands on engineering and installation experience of the HYGETM crash test simulation system. HYGE, Inc. offers full support of all horizontal and vertical systems; 6 inch, 12 inch and the 24 inch systems manufactured by CVC, Bendix, or HYGE. This includes service, parts and certified training for all new and existing systems. HYGE Inc. also offers an annual maintenance to keep your tool in excellent working order and in a safe operating condition.

The HYGETM crash test simulation system is a very powerful tool which can launch a motor vehicle sized object from rest to 30 miles per hour in less than 6 feet. All safety recommendations must be followed.

A key item is the checking of the structural integrity of the cylinders. The cylinders are pressure vessels that contain up to 3000 psi of air and need to be checked periodically. HYGE Inc recommends a hydrostatic pressure testing every 5 years or after 2000 firings.

The best time to do this test is during an annual maintenance overhaul. HYGE Inc. can do the maintenance and coordinate the required tests. The hydrostatic tests are performed by independent agencies that provide a written analysis.

A thorough mechanical overhaul and rebuilding of the HYGETM cylinders and thrust column is recommended every year 400 firings. This service includes replacement of all seals, gaskets, bearings, and other wear items. HYGE Inc. will inspect all parts for excessive wear. The systemís brake mechanisms are very critical. HYGE Inc. can provide replacement brake pads.

HYGE Inc. will provide a written assessment of the system with a list of recommend replacement parts.

HYGE Inc. offers certified training in System Maintenance and System Operations and Safety. These two day courses are held at the customerís site. The maintenance course includes a thorough mechanical overhaul and rebuilding of the HYGETM cylinders. This hands-on course concludes with a test and a framed certificate.

The System Operations and Safety course includes learning safety precautions, setting up the system for tests, charging the system and firing shots. This two day course is held at the customerís site. The course concludes with a test and a framed certificate.

Factory rebuild/overhaul
HYGE Inc. offers upgrades to bring your system up to the most modern version. This is important for new tests, convenience and safety. Individual replacement of sub-systems are available such as: Lock Yoke Safety System, Automated Fluid Transfer, Control System, Various Carriages for todayís new requirements ( Light weight, Side Impact, Turret, etc.) A complete system overhaul will utilize parts of your existing system. The system will then be brought up to the new factory specifications.

Move/Reinstallation of existing systems
HYGE Inc. has moved and reinstalled many systems. It is important to have a HYGETM engineer on site during rail installation to make sure that the rails and the reaction block are installed correctly. The critical measurements are double checked by the HYGETM service engineer to minimize wear of the HYGETM system.