HYGE Automated Control System

Simplicity, precision, and years of productive use have made HYGETM the industry benchmark for repeatable pulse testing, and our newest developments in touch screen operation software raise the bar even higher. HYGETM’s new software reduces training time, increases productivity, and dramatically enhances safety.

HYGETM‘s new software, which is easily adapted to horizontal or vertical HYGETM systems of all sizes, is a well-designed HMI controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) which allows the user to control the various system components while monitoring every pressure transducer and the state of all permissive and control power signals. System procedure written into the code eliminates a major source of user error; fail-safe operation is guaranteed by ensuring that certain processes be carried out in a particular order. In addition, all permissive signals are required before the cylinder can be filled with high pressure air and the ram can be fired, simulating a collision.

The control system features an intuitive user interface that provides controls for every automatic function of the system, from the automatic filling of the system pressure to the storing of successful test parameters data. The potential for user error is further reduced by incorporating proper procedures into the code and providing a live system schematic on screen.

The initial screen is dedicated to data entry of test parameters and displaying the output of sensors which, along with several pressure transducers, provide signals to the computer via communication with PLC input modules. These signals are calibrated as determined by tag scaling settings, which can be edited by users who have appropriate security privilege.

Other screens feature controls and indicators that run the pressure systems and record feedback. Pressure system preparation is accomplished on the screen, which displays all the complex system controls and indicators without crowding.

Automation features include filling pressures to target values, digital ten second countdown display, logging of test parameters, and the firing process itself.

The PLC’s single-control ram-firing process incorporates control of lights, film and video cameras.


All high pressure for system operation is located outside control room and controlled via a touch screen panel located inside control room, increasing operation safety.

The main screen clearly displays overall system status, including pressures, pressurization/vent controls, and engage/disengage controls for safety locking devices.

Fire Preparation menus enable entering/storing operating parameters or selecting from stored data.

A Launch menu displays countdown timer to system firing, including auxiliary timers that can be selected or disabled.

A Retrieval menu returns sled to start position manually or automatically

A separate screen provides complete system status showing actual pressures, pressures set value, andstatus of all sensors/switches.

System alarms status is clearly displayed to simplify isolation of any problems.

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