Upgrade Options

Improve performance and control of your HYGETM Crash Simulation System HYGETM upgrade options make it easy to make your system better than ever.

Increase efficiency with automation control software. This system will enhance ease of system operation, provide greater versatility, and improve safety.

HYGETM Metering Pin Software A refined software program to enable the engineer to design a metering pin to produce a desired pulse or modify an existing pin to produce a new pulse.

HYGETM Modular Pin As the result of many years of use in the test simulation market, HYGETM now offers a solution to simplify and shorten time required to develop pulses to desired specifications.

Safety Testing It is recommended that all systems be re-certified every 5 years or 2,000 firings.

As well as the above, the following upgrades are available exclusively for existing 12-Horizontal users


Compressed Air Module Upgrade Compressed Air Module may be installed as a replacement for an older existing system.

Hydraulic System Upgrade The Hydraulic Reservoir and Transfer System provides the means of varying the volume of the cylinders prior to firing.

Lock Yoke Conversion Systems manufactured prior to 1972 used a single pneumatic lock pin with clevis on front of Set cylinder that secured the trust column by locking the sled to front of cylinder.

Carriage Brake System Earlier HYGETM carriages did not include an emergency brake system to prevent over travel as is standard today.

Velocity Measuring Accessory This is a photo eye assembly with display to measure carriage velocity.

Honey Comb End Barrier A honeycomb over travel barrier may be installed at the end of the rail system to protect the carriage in the event of carriage overrun.

Lightweight Sled for Greater Versatility This option reduces sled weight by 600 pounds, extending the HYGETM  to cover a wider range of tests by increasing both acceleration and payload capabilities.

Carriage Movement System This replaces the standard cable hoist system to allow for easy movement of the carriage and prevent firing the system while the carriage is still attached.

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