HYGE Crash System Features & Benefits

The HYGETM offers a number of distinct advantages to optimize crash test programs and provide a competitive edge for in-house and independent testing facilities.

Proven Accuracy: capable of simulating actual crash pulses to within ±2%

Repeatability: The HYGETM design provides extremely repeatable and reproducible acceleration pulses, enabling accurate simulation and modeling of crash conditions in nondestructive fashion. A given pulse can be accurately produced on any HYGETM system, enabling component suppliers and OEM manufacturers to share testing programs and data interchangeably. HYGETM system has proven its repeatability over time. Systems over 40 years old routinely demonstrate repeatability of better than +/-2%.

HYGE Crash System Benefits


Reproducibility: Pulses can be very accurately reproduced on different HYGETM systems, enabling sharing of test programs and results between component suppliers and OEMs.

Versatility: The HYGETM has the structural integrity and thrust capability to perform side impact tests which are not possible with “light rail” type systems. Lightweight sled allows testing of light trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Universally Accepted: Testing standard for FASS and FAA requirements

Mechanically Simple: Only 2 moving parts

User Friendly: Windows based operating software

Experienced: Years of experience give the HYGETM installation and training team top-level expertise

Full Compliance: With all NEC and VDE safety specifications

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