Hyge Compressed Air Module

The Compressed Air Module may be installed as a replacement for an older existing system. It provides filtered/dry air at 3,000 PSI. The module is based on a steel framework module easily set on place with fork lift or pallet jacks.

A tank farm (storage tanks) is pressurized to 4,500 PSI prior to start of the fire sequence. This reserve is then used to pressurize the load cylinder reducing the time required to charge system for firing by removing the dependence of compressor pumping speed. The output is regulated to the maximum operation pressure of 3,000 PSI available to Load cylinder. If the tank farm and cylinder reaches equilibrium a valve isolates tank farm and completes Load cylinder fill with compressors only.

The unit features the following equipment:

  • Two high pressure air compressors
  • Oil-water separator
  • Microfilter replaceable element air filter
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • Twelve each storage tanks with 444 cu inch capacity each
  • 2470 cu inch accumulator tank
  • 6930 cu inch blow-down receiver tank

The module is based on a steel framework ready for placement in the customers facility. All piping is stainless steel and the unit is pre-wired and piped so only one electrical power connection is required.

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