Hyge Safety Testing

It is recommended that load and set cylinders RE-CERTIFIED after 5 years or 2,000 firings. This is accomplished by performing a hydrostatic test at 2.5 times the working pressure of the system for 10 minutes.

HYGETM can provide this testing service on your location and supply reports of the test.

An ideal time is to schedule these tests is with the annual maintenance. Only one additional day needs be added to schedule to perform this test as part of schedule.

Recommended Annual Maintenance

  • Disassembly and visual inspection of Actuator components
  • Perform hydrostatic test on each cylinder
  • Perform shear wave ultrasonic inspection of each cylinder. (If required)
  • Reassemble actuator seals and bearings. Provide test reports
  • Remove sled from rails – remove brake pistons – check/replace O-rings
  • Check brake pistons and Reaction plates lining for wear/damage
  • Replace/adjust slide pucks and side slider plates
  • Realign sled to Thrust column

Email hyge@hyge.com to review your requirements.

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